Learn Robotics

With a Bonus Artificial intelligence (AI) project


Learn Basic Electronics


Basic Logic Statement


Learn about Microcontroller and peripheral


Understaing of harware Coding


Outcome Based learn with 10 real life project


Duration: 3 Month


Course Fee: 4500 BDT


Beginner to expert

The course offer syllebus from very begineer and guide you where you can learn from the lead-off to expert level.

Flexible calss timing

Beenovia learn offer  you the course at 8.00PM to 10.00 PM . The entire course will recorded and accessible by the learner.


Limited pre requisition

Anyone can enroll this course having minimum english , math and computer literacy


Embarking on the exciting journey of learning electronics and robotics for kids opens a world of creativity and innovation. This engaging adventure introduces fundamental concepts through hands-on activities, making it accessible and fun. From understanding basic circuitry to building simple robots, kids cultivate problem-solving skills and logical thinking. Interactive kits and age-appropriate projects empower them to explore the wonders of technology in a playful manner. As they assemble circuits and program robots, children not only grasp STEM principles but also develop a passion for future-oriented skills. This dynamic learning experience sparks curiosity, fostering a lifelong interest in electronics and robotics.

In our outcome-based learning, participants work on projects covering electronics and programming. Completing a project ensures a solid grasp of components like resistors, capacitors, transistors, logic gates, sensors, motors, C programming, android app creation, and machine vision. This approach provides both theoretical understanding and practical skills in a holistic manner.

What You Learn


Basic Electronics


Learn about sensors and actuators


Learning about conventional Robot


Basic Programming ( C++ )


Controlling machine with computer program

Project Outline

  1. Automatic traffic light
  2. Theft protection System
    1. Laser Guided
    2. Motion/Movement Guided
  3. Electric Identity (RFID) Card Access Security System
  4. Fire Alarm and Fighter
  5. Automatic Irrigation System
  6. Automatic Waste bin
  7. Automatic Night Light
  8. Automatic car parking
  9. Obstacle avoidance Robot
  10. Building Android app
  11. Line Follower Robot
  12. Android control Robot
  13. AI Robot with Object Detection, Object Tracking

Course Duration: 3 Month ( 3 days in a week)
Course Fee: 4500 BDT
Student have to buy the electronics parts for practice.
Only a Book will be provided.
A computer is required
Pay the course fee via Bkash and Register the form .

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